Bad Romance Swingers Club

First time?

Are you new to your experience?

Are you a beginner, undecided or have you never been to a private club? We will try to explain everything possible to you, answer the most frequently asked questions and explain why you can feel absolutely safe in our Club.

A Private Club is a private club, not accessible to the curious, where each person can freely choose how to play without ever feeling obliged to do something that is not their intention.

Don’t forget, if you come to the club, to tell our staff if it’s the first time you’ve tried to look inside this fantastic world. We will pay more attention to your presence and make you feel at ease, answering all your questions and curiosities.

First time in a Swingers Club?

Questions & Answers

What is a Swingers Club?

Let’s start by saying that clubs are not all the same. Some are oriented, like ours, towards socialization and others instead aim to immediately create situations that lead to sex.

In all Private Clubs there is a staff who will protect you if unpleasant situations arise. We can tell you that in serious clubs these situations never happen, as there is always a selection at the entrance especially for singles who, if not known, are well looked after to understand if they know the rules of LifeStyle.

We are afraid of being recognized.

The Bad Romance Club is a private club. No curious person can enter to see who is inside and, furthermore, to access it is necessary to become a member. Even the entrance to the venue is deliberately kept anonymous and there is therefore no risk to privacy which, for obvious reasons, is also a problem for those who have been frequenting us for years. Therefore we can confidently say that anonymity is absolutely guaranteed.

What kind of people come to the Club?

As we have already said in the Questions & Answers section, there is no “type” of person who frequents private clubs. In general, hence the term open-minded, the average level of culture is not low and the couples who experience swinging are on average over 35. This is because, in a couple, sexual maturity and also knowing how to explore new fantasies and situations outside of the relationship between two, it usually develops from that age group onwards.

We are afraid that as soon as we enter other members will ask us to have sex immediately.

It’s obvious that if you go to a club where, to raise cash, they let anyone in without selection, you run a real risk. In our club, however, you can easily spend an evening having a drink, in a transgressive environment, if you want you can socialize with others present, if you want you can just play at provoking and teasing, if you want you can continue further. No one will be offended or you will look at each other badly if you say no thanks or simply decide to end the evening. Open Minded also means this. No obligation, just what you want.

What should Singles Men have to do in a Club?

The single is a couple’s game and must understand that the world of swinging is not a brothel where, by paying, he gets sex how and where he wants. Even in this environment you need to know how to conquer and propose yourself according to the couple’s desire and idea, not your own. It is the couple who usually wants to realize a situation and it is not he who decides what it should be. A single person can propose to meet a couple, but if they don’t want it they have to move away. Insistence is absolutely frowned upon by our staff and annoying people will be immediately taken out of the room and not allowed back in.

I am a Single Lady. How does it work for me?

There are many women who come alone to the club and, for our part, they are considered like a couple. Free to express everything they feel like doing, from their sexuality to simple exhibitionism.