Bad Romance Swingers Club RomE


who we are

Passion Intrigue

Not all nightclubs are born from the experience of those who have lived the LifeStyle and who have understood, through experience, that it is more the essence than the physicality that makes this game unforgettable.


In particular, if you are a first-timer, it is important to be welcomed, pampered and possibly introduced.

A right distance

A cozy place that doesn’t keep anyone away or exclude anyone. Sometimes it’s just a matter of a glance.


At Bad Romance there are no events, but only evening themes. It’s up to you to follow them or reinvent them. We don’t force anyone to do anything that isn’t part of the norm for the evening.

Open Bar

The bar is at complete disposal for all guests. Don’t you think it’s nice to be able to offer a drink to break the ice?

We are with you

Ours is not an economic question. We love LifeStyle and if we see you bored we are the first to feel bad. Our staff is always nearby to chat or listen to you.

Our Story

A location for those who prefer intimacy in a transgressive environment.

We are not an erotic nightclub, but we fully embrace the authentic concept of a swingers club.

You will be introduced as the other participants arrive, each evening takes place exactly as a private party, where respect and socialization reign.

Romantic atmosphere by candlelight, excellent music suitable for the environment, an open bar that will allow you to socialize as best as possible with everyone.

The Bad Romance swingers club, since 2014 has registered more than 40 thousand people from all areas of the world, we can define ourselves as the most international club in Rome.


What customers says about us

Why Choose Us

A place in the center of Rome. Excellent to end an evening in the eternal city.

The light and suffused atmosphere makes everything more magical. It never feels uncomfortable.

The staff is always friendly and at your disposal. It’s easy to meet other people like us.