Bad Romance Swingers Club

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Bad Romance

Is there a Dress Code regulation applied to access the venue?

In our restaurant it is not mandatory to wear elegant clothes. It is also true that the world of swinging plays on looks and knowing how to provoke. Showing up in an acetate suit or with clothing that is not considered to be well-groomed could lead to our staff not accepting you. Access to the venue is always unquestionably evaluated by our staff.

What are the busiest times to find more people?

A club that is based on the freedom of its members cannot in any way have the possibility of predicting who, when and how many of these will be present inside the club itself. Don’t ask us how many people there will be tonight because we can never predict it. Our advice is to come in and help us make any members who stop by later feel comfortable. Entering at the opening and leaving after 5 minutes because the place is still empty has an erroneous logic in itself.

We have never been to a private club and we are hesitant. How does it work?

You should never force yourself to go to a club if you are not convinced, but if you really want to give it a try, we at Bad Romance are probably the best place. Don’t risk any assault (singles, if there are, enter only in proportion to the couples already present) and we advise you to speak to us first and warn us that you are not very experienced. We will take care of welcoming you, explaining how it works and making you feel at ease. In our restaurant you don’t risk finding yourself in situations you didn’t want to find yourself in.

Is our privacy guaranteed?

Absolutely yes. The entrance to the venue itself was deliberately left anonymous so as not to attract attention. The rooms are not visible from the entrance so even onlookers would not be able to see those present.

Do I have to be a member to access?

The Bad Romance Swingers Club of Rome is a private association structure, therefore it is necessary to become a member in order to access. Registration is valid for an entire year and already includes the cost of entry.

What is the average age of the members?

When we are asked this question we immediately understand that whoever asked it has never attended a private club. The age varies from 25 upwards, with a prevalence of over 40s. This is because, as one might understand on one’s own, it is at that age that one reaches better sexual affinity and maturity.